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by toyogran
06 Jan 2013, 22:32
Forum: buy and sell
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Hello fellow Granvians! For sale our Granvia GRSGT-R Cruising Selection camper van with factory fitted rear elevator pop top roof and complete camper fit out giving an giant size double bed and sleeping in the pop top for an adult or small children. It is a 2000 model and with the 3.0 ltr 1KZ-TE die...
by toyogran
08 Dec 2012, 23:25
Forum: how do i
Topic: Brakes-Changing the pads
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Re: Brakes-Changing the pads

I had a similar problem when I changed my pads but stripped down the brake cylinders when I changed them (to see what sort of condition they were in) as I thought I had sticking pads. When I put them back together and bled the system I had a very 'long' pedal but was fine when the engine was off (no...
by toyogran
19 Nov 2012, 20:39
Forum: general chit chat
Topic: from the sister Regius site
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Re: from the sister Regius site

Good of you and Ben to take the trouble to administer these sites. They are a great help to members for problem solving and are certainly appreciated. Have seen forums that require an answer relative to a date which serious members can easily find the answer to or questions like what is the day 3 da...
by toyogran
18 Nov 2012, 16:18
Forum: general chit chat
Topic: Dipstick problem
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Re: Dipstick problem

Tres bizarre! Never heard of that before. Did it go back in OK after checking the oil? I have great difficulty in getting the auto transmission dipstick back in and have to twist it round a bit before it finally goes in. Can't imagine what's holding it. The plastic moulding at the top with the loop ...
by toyogran
16 Nov 2012, 19:46
Forum: how do i
Topic: Heater controls and back lights
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Re: Heater controls and back lights

Sounds like a dodgy connection or bulb holder if it works intermittently.
Sorry can't help your with getting at it as mine has an lcd display type.
Register at and have a look at the parts diagrams which might give a clue as how to get at it to check it out.
Good luck!
by toyogran
22 Oct 2012, 20:41
Forum: how do i
Topic: Starting
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Re: Starting

Hi confused Jon! Are you losing any cooling water? Check that the radiator overflow/storage bottle isn't slowly filling up or signs of aeration in the top of radiator when starting from cold. They have been known to have porosity issues with the cylinder head which can leak into the combustion chamb...
by toyogran
09 Oct 2012, 16:53
Forum: general chit chat
Topic: How to maintain battery charge without mains supply
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Re: How to maintain battery charge without mains supply

Does the battery discharge if you have the immobiliser turned off? I had a car that would discharge the battery when standing for a few days turned out to be a 'leak' on the aftermarket immobiliser wiring. Disconnected it and problem sorted. If the battery is being discharged then it must be going s...
by toyogran
23 Aug 2012, 22:48
Forum: campervans and conversions
Topic: Drive away awnings - help pls
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Re: Drive away awnings - help pls

We bought a DWT Fjord awning from Wellhouse and have found it just the job for add on room when touring around. Definitely better build quality than Kyham which we had lots of trouble with legs breaking and the company going bust and poor support. They're very well made (German) and stable when up b...
by toyogran
21 Aug 2012, 13:40
Forum: how do i
Topic: Screetching Aircon
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Re: Screetching Aircon

Hi the AC belt on the 1kz te engines are prone to screeching when the AC is turned on. The aircan compressor is on the LHS of the engine (when facing the windscreen) and has 2 aluminium pipes coming out of gets hot when a/c on and the other cold. There is an idler pulley that tensions the s...
by toyogran
19 Aug 2012, 12:09
Forum: how do i
Topic: Fuse identification "new style" Granvia
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Fuse identification "new style" Granvia

Has anybody got the translated fuse box layout for a 2000 year Granvia? There are two fuse boxes under the bonnet with engine fuses etc and there are 2 fuse boxes on the driver's side to the right of the accelerator pedal one with a black cover with an X on it and a cream coloured open one slightly ...

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