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Wish list - Granvia as a retrieve vehicle

Posted: 01 Mar 2015, 23:58
by Gwsty
We are Yorkshire based hot air balloon pilots, as a special wedding anniversary treat (investment) as we are getting a bit nesh for camping at the early and late part of the flying season.
We have bought a 1996 4WD 3 ltr beauty, and plan a trip in Europe.

Now on the quest for a few items and any hints and tips would be appreciated.
Tinted glass would be nice, but I will be making my own curtains out of flame retardant fabric.
Roof rack
Tow hitch
A ladder, as we will probably need to use a top box
Offside mirror
Curtain gliders for the top rails
Bad boy chunky tyres
Advice where to get new drivers door lock
Someone to tame the alarm
Many thanks Gwsty