front passenger swivel chair problem

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front passenger swivel chair problem

Postby granviadad » 21 Aug 2015, 00:23

I have a converted 1998 possibly done by Wellhouse but not sure. (Originally imported and sold converted by Poplar Motors , Chesterfield in2014). The swivel front passenger seat started to rock and produce a clanking noise. I took the chair apart and was more than surprised and worried by the flimsey steel plating and the almost heath robinson construction which included a plywood inset with 12 holes to keep the ball bearings in place!

The problem is that within 2 years the ball bearings have caused a shallow groove all around the metal base plate and worse still in the front and rear positions have caused dimples to be formed in the base plate so that the chair rocks slightly and creates a clank as it does so.

I would like to hear from anyone who has or has had the same problem and if they have been able to solve it.

Whilst the noise is annoying I am more concerned about the safety of this design. I will try to contact the converters via Poplar Motors but would like more views on this problem

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