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Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 09:53
by Bubble63
Thanks for letting me join the forum!!!
Last year we purchased a Toyota Granvia full Wellhouse Leisure conversion and love it !! So far we’ve been to Belgium, Germany and a few uk trips.
Just one little problem with her. When running off the leisure battery the socket doesn’t work so we can’t use the kettle for a brew. Fridge works and lights work. Any suggestions of a quick fix other than buying a gas kettle? Thanks in anticipation :roll:

Re: Electrics

Posted: 31 Mar 2018, 16:59
by V6vanman
Buy a gas kettle. The socket only works when you are hooked up at a campsite.

Re: Electrics

Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 18:32
by Bubble63
Thanks anyway!