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Wellhouse Leisure

Postby ben » 27 Jan 2009, 22:17

I would like to welcome our newest sponsors to the site: Wellhouse Leisure (http://www.wellhouseleisure.com/) who are specialists in the Granvia as well as new and used UK Powervans. They also do campervan sales and conversions and can fit high-tops or elevating roofs to the Granvia and offer all types of mechanical servicing, new and used parts and bodywork repairs. Also as Wellhouse convert most of there vans they have so have a range of full seat and carpet sets for sale.

Wellhouse Leisure are helping to the keep the site alive both by financially contributing to the hosting of the site and offering tips and advice through our forums (this one and the our sister-Hiace Regius forum -- http://www.hiaceregius.co.uk).

So a big thank you and hello to David Elliott and the Wellhouse Leisure team!

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Re: Wellhouse Leisure

Postby Gavin » 28 Jan 2009, 20:55

thats great they contacted myself just before the old one crashed

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