Adding images to postings

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Adding images to postings

Postby Richard » 22 Aug 2010, 12:10

All images and photos attached to postings should now be visible!

We discovered what was blocking the display of images which had been uploaded as attachments to postings - it was a setting for the forum to help block "inappropriate" attachments to all the spam postings that plagued the forum until recently. Unfortunately, the setting also blocked useful attachments so the forum moderators have decided to re-enable the uploading of attachments. If spam postings start to re-occur, then we'll block attachments again.

Rather than upload images as attachments to postings, it's also possible to link to images held on other (external) web-sites (such as PhotoBucket) - images linked in this way have always been visible. Simply create an account on the external web-site, upload your image to that web-site, then copy the exact URL address of the image and insert it into the "Img" setting when creating your forum posting.


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