wheel sizes to fill the arches

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Re: wheel sizes to fill the arches

Postby Kiwivia » 17 Jan 2018, 20:45

Grandad thanks for your comments.
Last night I did a lot more measuring at full lock both ways on both my Granvia with current very worn 215/70 R15 road tyres and friend's Regius with new 215/70 R16 all season tyres so convinced if I go for the 215/75 R15 tyres there won't be any issues whatsoever. Not so sure about 215/80 R15 tyres but if your wider 225/75 R15 snow tyres only rub on full lock they're probably OK. Nevertheless I've decided to err on the side of conservatism with 215/75 R15's as at NZ$259/tyre (GBP136/tyre) prefer no possibility of any issues considering my measurements were with both vans empty.
FYI with current worn tyres driving at 90 kph (mostly 2000-2100 rpm) diesel mileage is very close to 11 km/ltr with no load and driving with a medium load at 95-97kph get 8.8 km/ltr.
Anyway thanks again and regards
Granvia forever!

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Re: wheel sizes to fill the arches

Postby grandad » 17 Jan 2018, 22:58

Thanks for the feedback Kiwivia.
Was surprised to see you quoting in NZ$ then noticed kiwi, we are in CND, hence the 4000 elevation.
11km/ltr !!thats very good, and sorry about the ¨small van¨ comment!
What ever the size, great vans and drive much better than the larger ones here.
With the frequent minus 20-30´C, I did mount a diesel heater, think its a Webasto type
and that warms it up to operating temps in 30-45 minutes, aided by an oil heater mounted under the pan.
Without it....... you´re not going anywhere. All home made cars have a block heater, but are not enough
watts to bring it up to operating temps and when very cold, are plugged in full time.
Since most ware and tare is at start ups, I usually pre-heat .
Just applied Kiwi-Grip on a boat deck, great product!!
happy trails, grandad

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