Airbag light problem

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Airbag light problem

Postby Vectispete » 29 Oct 2017, 14:39

Hello, Pete Harris on the Isle of Wight here.
My airbag light came permanently on recently, an electrical problem that if not solved will be an mot failure.
I have had my 1996 Granvia for 12 years and it's been a great family vehicle that is still as solid as a rock today. I'm no auto electrician so took it to a local company with a good reputation that couldn't diagnose the problem beyond 'fault code 12' whatever that is. They tried all sorts to no avail and said I should try a main agent. I did that and they couldn't diagnose beyond 'code 12' either. This motor is way to good to be taken off the road for such an issue so can anyone help? Would very much appreciate it.
If it can't be solved I will have to very reluctantly sell it for spares which would be a real shame.

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Re: Airbag light problem

Postby Richard » 29 Oct 2017, 15:48

Welcome to the forum!

Toyota "Code 12" is "Engine revolution signal missing" (see here: I can't see how that would cause the airbag warning light to illuminate - it could be entirely unrelated.

If it's only the warning light that's worrying you, you could just remove the bulb from behind the dashboard (it's what I had to do when I couldn't find any way to reset the timing belt warning light).

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Re: Airbag light problem

Postby V6vanman » 29 Oct 2017, 17:12

Also ask on the Toyota Granvia UK Owners facebook page.
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Re: Airbag light problem

Postby Vectispete » 30 Oct 2017, 00:20

Will do; cheers

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