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buy parts online

Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 14:05
by AntonioAlverca21
Hi Granvia lovers.

I live in Africa, more specifically in Mozambique and to find parts here is a complete nightmare. I often try and get quotes from Toyota dealer but the parts are so overpriced (we are talking about thousands of USD). Also the informal/street market is most of the times overpriced with very bad quality.

Does anyone know a good website where I can buy reconditioned or salvage parts and ship it to Portugal (I do have family and friends that travel very often between Moz and PT so this would make my life easier) :?: :?:

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Re: buy parts online

Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 22:56
You could try, he’s helped me with parts supply a few times !?