Prop shaft support bearing help please

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Prop shaft support bearing help please

Postby walt101 » 10 Apr 2013, 10:26

Hi everyone, does anyone have any experience of replacing the middle propshaft support bearing at all (2WD 1997 3ltr) and the general process, mine is very noisy and needs replacing. It looks fairly straight forward getting it off but does anyone know if I need a press or anything to get the old one of and/or new one on. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks


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Re: Prop shaft support bearing help please

Postby David » 20 May 2015, 07:54

I appreciate this is a 2 yr old post, but this may be of use to someone in the future.
I replaced my propshaft centre bearing yesterday.
Absolute piece of cake for anyone competent enough to work on their own car. I did not need to replace the u/j's as they were still good.
My process was as follows.
1 - I put chalk (or tipex) marks on all the places I would be splitting the shaft to ensure it goes back in exactly the same position thus avoiding the risk of and vibration due to inbalance.
2 - I jacked the rear of the car and supported it on axle stands, (firstly making sure you chock the front wheels as the drive/handbrake wheels will be off the ground. Axle stands are prefereable to ramps as it means if you need to turn the propshaft to get to bolts you can do so with the wheels off the ground and the car taken out of Park and put into Neutral.
3 - I undid the 4 flange bolts (14mm) connecting the centre U/J to the flange just behind the centre bearing.
4 - I supported the propshaft just in front of the centre bearing with a small jack. (this is not totally necessary but helps take the weight making unbolting the centre bearing easier)
5 - Remove the 2 bolts holding the centre bearing to the underside of the car (14mm socket)
6 -Gently lower the centre bearing whilst giving the flange you removed the bolts from earlier a bit of a tap with a hammer until the 2 flanges come apart. Support the rear section of propshaft with the small jack, or do as I did and just let it hang.
7 - Gently extract the propshaft from the gearbox which is on a spline, making sure you have put your chalk marks across from the gearbox to the propshaft. You will get a little oil drip from the end of the gearbox, I just temporarily stuffed it with tissue and put a rubber glove over the end to prevent it dripping and keep dirt and dust out. Hey presto front section removed.
8 - There is a 24mm nut in the flange by the centre bearing. I had the use of a large vice and air gun but I am sure with a bit of help holding the propshaft and a descent socket set this could be done by hand, remove the 24mm nut, this has 2 washers behind it.
9 - The flange is on a spline so I once again marked its position before removing, there is another washer/shim between the flange and centre bearing, then the centre bearing simply slid off.
10 - Now just reverse the order to re assemble, SIMPLE!

I purchased my centre bearing on Ebay for £54.95. The entire process took me less than an hour from jacking up to driving away, and boy what a difference, no more rumbling noise from underneath (or the missus in the passenger seat! telling me to get it done before we go to France.)

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Re: Prop shaft support bearing help please

Postby MrDillon » 30 Mar 2018, 17:37

Just posted this on another thread - thanks due to David for this



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