Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

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Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby duggyfresh » 26 Nov 2015, 12:23

My Granvia has been ultra reliable for seven and a half years. Yesterday, the engine just stopped whilst driving. No warning lights or other symptoms. As the engine stopped, all the usual 'ignition on' lights illuminated, indicating probably not an electrical failure. Turning the key just spun the engine with no starting.

I rolled to the site of the road and after about 20 seconds there was a click in the area of the passenger footwear and it was able to start again. Could this be the fuel pump relay?

In the 24 hours since, this has re-occurred about a dozen times, sometimes for only a half second so the engine doesn't have time to stop and continues running, sometimes for 30 seconds or more til the click that means it will start again. There's no pattern or regularity to it. I can drive for 30 minutes with nothing and it can happen twice in a minute...

This morning, I was idling whilst parked and it happened again. Now the click doesn't come and it won't start at all.

Any suggestions as to the course of investigation to follow? What are the possibilities for the fault? Could a blocked fuel filter cause the relay to open?

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Re: Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby MrDillon » 27 Nov 2015, 00:04

Yes does sound like a relay, or perhaps the solenoid (on or around the pump which actually shuts the fuel off to stop the engine) clicking off when it shouldn't do.

My money's on the relay - the solenoids can get stuck in the off position when left a while, but once they're on they usually stay on.

Track down the relay and give it a little tap and see if that helps. It is possible to remove the casing and clean up the contacts, but far better just to replace - genuine ones available from Toyota main dealers I think

I Think if it were a filter problem the symptoms would have been more gradual. the fact that the relay doesn't click anymore points that way

Good Luck


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Re: Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby duggyfresh » 28 Nov 2015, 17:46

Thank you for the info.

I got it to a fuel injection specialist who thought it was probably the aftermarket turbo timer that was on it when I bought the vehicle. He removed it and all seemed well until yesterday morning, when it stopped out on the road again and now it won't start for love nor money... :-(

Going to try to blag another recovery back to the garage to get them to fix it properly this time. At least it's not an intermittent fault now... :-)

If anything interesting transpires, I'll post again here for info. :-)

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Re: Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby duggyfresh » 11 Dec 2015, 01:09

Well... Got it recovered back to the garage. They identified a 'weak' relay and got the engine to run by holding it in. They ordered a new one at 60-odd quid plus VAT. It was fitted on Wednesday but has not cured the intermittent fault as it died again whilst on test.

They have now admitted to me that they don't know what the specific problem is but it is electrical. Also, as they are a fuel-injection specialist not auto electricians, they can't help me and nobody they've asked wants to either as there aren't any wiring diagrams available for it. Fortunately, they are just charging me for the relay and not for the week's labour spent trying to diagnose it!

I'm going to pick it up in the morning. I just hope it makes it back home before it dies again...

I'll try and research the wiring diagrams myself and try to find an auto-electrician that might have a look for me.

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Re: Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby paulNZ » 20 Dec 2015, 09:42

I had a similar problem. It got fixed when I had to have a major overhaul of my transmission. Evidently a small short was causing problems with the ECU. You need to find a sparky with the ability to plug into the ECU and check. The problem was also causing my glow plug light to come on intermittently, which sometimes preceded the engine shutdown.
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Re: Intermittent engine cut-outs: fuel relay?

Postby duggyfresh » 07 Feb 2016, 19:09

I have an update and a re-request for advice... :)

I got it back from the injection people and it has been running perfectly. They obviously disturbed the faulty connection, rendering it satisfactory again...

...until yesterday!

It died again a single time (same symptoms as before). Then repeatedly until it now won't start at all. I am gutted! :(

One thing I have noticed that I did not before: when the engine IS going to start, i.e. the fault is not happening, the engine management light illuminates normally and then goes out. When the fault is happening, the light does not illuminate on ignition switch-on and turnover results in no starting.

The repair manual diagnosis procedure suggests checking the operation of the combination meter (dash console, I believe) in this case. Anybody done this before or know if I can send it off to be checked?

Thanks in advance... :)

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