Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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Re: Service

Postby V6vanman » 06 Jan 2016, 18:19

your engine is the 3rz fe.
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Re: Service

Postby stk0708 » 06 Feb 2016, 21:57
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Re: Service

Postby BobDeverill » 29 Feb 2016, 21:55

Hi My recommendation for spark plugs are Denso IK16 which I found with a little bit of digging online. These are long life iridium plugs and I've used them now (iridium that is but of course a different code for different vehicles) on several cars over recent years and I always find the engine runs sweeter. They have a fine needle point centre electrode so this must have something to do with it. You can find them on Ebay for approx. £6 each. For the other items you mention check out the website for Kimber Friction. The oil I use is a synthetic 5W/30W and with filter it takes 5.5 litres. Changing the oil and filter is relatively easy. Just remove the rear cover under the engine (there is a front cover as well which is left in place although they share 2 bolts) The sump is sufficiently high to allow a bucket to be placed underneath and the filter is positioned above and to the right and sensibly upright so there's little mess if you keep it upright as you remove it. For mother filters there is a fuel filter if you must but I never find the need and have never been let down. Don't waste your time looking for a cabin filter there is none! Bob

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Re: Service

Postby doberman57 » 01 Mar 2016, 12:10

Many thank`s for the information.
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