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Re: Rear fog light modification

Postby Acehi41 » 12 Feb 2016, 18:05

I have now completed the wiring for the rear fog lamp mod as suggested by josh2109 on this forum dated 23/11/15. I fitted a single 5 amp Schottky diode type SR504 between the wire that feeds the brake light bulb filament on each outer lamp, (cathode end of the diode nearest the bulb filament that's the end with the white band) see photo.

Ordered a Toyota switch from Hong Kong via eBay, there are two tiny bulbs inside the switch which are not shaded from each other consequently giving an inferior light output to each lens on the switch, so I decided to take it apart and glue three pieces of white card to reflect more light though both the lenses, see the attached photos, not the best of switches but it fits and looks good on the dash.

The 4 wires on the back of the switch are 2 red 1 yellow & 1 black, the 2 reds get their 12v feed from the instrument cluster background lighting when the side lights are turned on, I found a dormant plug just behind the dash where I intended to fit the switch, the dark green wire on this plug was live when side lights were on so both red wires were soldered to it.The black wire from switch to an earth anywhere on the body, the yellow wire from the switch goes to trigger a relay which I fitted to a convenient position under the dash.
The main feed to the relay comes straight from the vehicles battery via an inline 5 amp fuse, the output from the relay connects to the cathode side of each diode via a long wire to both of the rear lamps.
The colour code of the wires maybe different on your vehicle and switch.

Hope all this makes sense.

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