Electrical Failure

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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Electrical Failure

Postby DaveMoonwood » 17 Mar 2016, 18:31

Hi. I've just bought my Granvia and it broke down on the way home! Trying to get my money back from the seller but it may not be possible.

The battery failed and all the systems shut down. My garage (not a Toyota specialist) say the alternator belt was very loose, which they found suspicious. The battery isn't being charged by the engine, but they can't tell whether it's the alternator or the ECU that's at fault. If it is the ECU, they say they may not be able to code it.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or could shed some light for me on the workings of the alternator and ECU? It's all Japanese to me!


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Re: Electrical Failure

Postby Richard » 17 Mar 2016, 19:47

Welcome to the forum!

What happens when a fully-charged battery is attached?

If it's just that the alternator is not charging the battery (and all the electrical equipment), then obviously the battery will eventually stop supplying power to the ECU, lights, etc, and your Granvia will fail. If it's just a loose fan-belt, then you're in luck: just tighten it up (you have to slacken the bolt that locks the pulley in place - search for how to do this in the forum). It may be your alternator has failed - it can be replaced (it happened to me too!) at a cost of just over £100, again search the forum for the details of how to test the alternator. Or maybe the battery is past its lifetime, though I'd not expect this as once the engine is started, the alternator should supply all the required power to keep the Granvia running.

Good luck!


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Re: Electrical Failure

Postby Muckermatey » 11 Apr 2016, 10:00

Hi Dave. I hope you have sorted out the problem with the electrics. If not, I had a similar problem (all the electrics dead) - it turned out to be a blown alternator fuse. See this link: http://www.toyota-granvia.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1991&p=6284#p6284

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