Good Vibrations?

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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Good Vibrations?

Postby Ric220 » 20 Aug 2017, 18:04

Hi all. My '96 3.0 is starting to show its age with arthritic suspension creaks and a mildly incontinent engine. But, my main worries are;

It's developed a loud vibration / buzz / rumble at 70mph. It's quite scary. It ONLY occurs on a very light throttle at 70 and if I ease off or accelerate it vanishes. I feel it through the steering wheel. Any ideas as to what it could be?

Secondly, a screeching, rattling sound has developed from the engine when starting cold and at low speeds. It doesn't sound like a slipping belt - more like bearings.

Finally, there's a "clunk" when going from neutral to reverse (and a slight one going from neutral to drive). I'm hoping this isn't the gearbox?

I'd really appreciate any comments re the above, especially ones involving solutions that cost £2.50 and a couple of cable ties... Many thanks all.

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