questions about converted speedo

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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questions about converted speedo

Postby Hario » 17 Oct 2017, 19:59

Hi all,

Im a new owner having bought a 95 Granvia just last week, absolutely love the vehicle, its as if it were designed specifically for me.

I was very glad to find this website, and was hoping you guys could help with a few questions i had about my speedo.

My speedo is in MPH and the odometer seems to also record in miles despite being sold to me as having the mileage in kilometers :roll: , so i suspect it is in fact a mixture of the two. Not a huge issue as at the price i paid i would have bought it anyway, but it raises a few questions, the most important being the timing belt interval light, and the transmission lockup to help MPG. With the speedo now running in miles would that mean the timing belt light will click on at 100,000 miles instead of kilometers and may well need doing despite not having the light on? I was also concerned that the trans lock up may be linked to the speedo and not activate at the correct speed?

Aside from those concerns i am also curious as to the approximate genuine mileage and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on helping me sleuth out an actual mileage figure. It seems likely that the conversion will have happened when it was first imported to the UK, is that normal or are they often done later? Also, the first MOT i can find a record of online was in 2006, and records 80,000k as the mileage. does this sound the right sort of date and mileage for a 1995 granvia to hit our shores? If so it seems safe to assume that everything after 80k was recorded in miles rather that km.

What do you guys think? I really appreciate any thoughts on this



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Re: questions about converted speedo

Postby Richard » 27 Oct 2017, 12:01

First, have you checked that your speedometer and odometer (mileage recorder) actually has been converted from kilometres to miles? You can use a GPS speed meter or the kilometre marker posts in the verge of motorway carriageways.

How has the conversion been done? Some Granvias have a device fitted to the gearbox which slows down the speed signal from the gearbox to the dashboard so that both the speedometer needle and the odometer will indicate in miles; other conversions just use an overlay for the speedometer dial so that the needle points to the correct mph, but the odometer still indicates in kilometres.

Your initial odometer reading of 80,000km sounds reasonable - my '97 Granvia had a reading of 89,000 when imported in 2007; Granvias seem to be exported from Japan when they have reached a ten-year life span.

You're right, the timing belt warning light will light-up at 100,000 whether it's measuring in miles or kilometres - you'd just have to recalulate when to change. But when was the belt last changed? - many Granvias will have had the belt changed when imported. It's possible to reset the timing belt warning light (but all the methods I've tried have failed, but other owners have reported success).

The transmission lock-up will not be affected by the change from kilometres to miles.
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Re: questions about converted speedo

Postby Hario » 27 Oct 2017, 20:39

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your detailed response

Ive checked the conversion by comparing the odo trip reading against a google maps predictions of my journey distances, and also against my wifes imported vitz which still reads klms, so im certain its in miles both the speedo and odo. Its clearly done from the input rather than a dial overlay as my odometer is digital. the face of the speedo is analogue and has an "mph" sticker over where the "KM" would have been, while the lcd screen of the odometer has a small black sticker placed to obscure the "k" in "km". I will do a little testing with the GPS to see how accurate the readings are though.

ive decided to assume that 86k odd of my mileage reading is kilometers and the rest miles, its just academic really as the van seems in good shape but has no history, so i will just work my way through every service item when i get a chance.

As for the the timing belt, i think you're right and it will now warn me at 100k miles, so i will probably just remove the bulb when it comes on as its a little miss-leading otherwise (as it shows before engine start giving the impression its not due when it may be), i am already halfway through replacing the belt now although it looks to be in reasonable condition. Lovely engine to work on so far!

this is a sticker on my timing belt cover:
it reads," timing belt replacement record, october 2002, mileage 86,639 " my v5 says she was imported late 2005 so maybe more kilometers were added between 02 and 05, but since it wasn't due it makes sense the belt was done as part of the export process

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