Changing front wishbones / upper balljoints torque settings

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Changing front wishbones / upper balljoints torque settings

Postby Hario » 27 Mar 2018, 18:50

I followed the great pdf. on the regius wishbones to sort my dodgy granvia suspension out today, but annoyingly the pdf. mentions no torque values.

After some digging i found some of the correct values in Japanese so thought i would post them here in case anyone needs them in future:


i got the image from a Japanese guys blog:

in case its not clear enough, the wishbone to chassis bolts are 147nm, the bushing end bolts are 228nm, i dont have the other values so just guessed them :/

anyone have any idea what the end of the torsion bar bolts and castle nut below the balljoints should be?

the regius pdf i refer to is here:

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