ABS light on

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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ABS light on

Postby chris » 01 Aug 2009, 11:03

95 Granvia - ABS light stays on most of the time, is it possible to do any checks yourself?

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Re: ABS light on

Postby andyw » 05 Aug 2009, 20:19

It might be time to change your front disc pads, ;) , and welcome

It's Galvanic

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Re: ABS light on

Postby granviamender » 20 Sep 2009, 09:36

Could be one or two wheel sensors down, or dirty/corroded pick up behind brake discs.
To check wheel sensors disconect each wheel sensor connect a meter to each terminal, spin the wheel by hand and check the reading, if no reading faulty wheel sensor, about £90 fron Toyota check all wheel sensors with similar method. or attach diagnostic scanner to vehicle and read either fault codes or live data to find faulty sensor. from experience normally n/s front. once faulty part is fitted the abs will reset its self and the check light will go out

hope this helps


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Re: ABS light on

Postby mumstaxi » 29 May 2018, 22:51

Dear Granviamender ,
Can you help please , ABS light staying on , ive just put on new discs and pads as i also had a juddering when breaking , but the ABS light has still remained on , ive taken it to a diagnostic place , they said the car gave them 43 codes none of which was for the ABS . Any help please ? ;)

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Re: ABS light on

Postby stk0708 » 30 May 2018, 08:53

When I had ABS light on on my van I had no codes coming as well.

Check resistance http://www.toyota-granvia.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2243&p=7258#p7258
starting with a front nearside ABS sensor which usually goes first.

Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZLpQZf2oWk
or download this one
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