A warning about windows

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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A warning about windows

Postby dansdad » 05 Dec 2008, 14:09

First of all I'd like to say hello to all the other members and to introduce myself. My name is Phil and I live in Wakefield. I have had a 96 2wd 7 seat granvia for 18months or so. I used to be a member of the old site but I was never very active. I'll try to do better that on this site.
I have a word of warning with regard to the side windows. The ones held in the frames with domed headed nuts and bolts. Make sure the fixings are tight. The other week I had put the shopping in through the side door and the got in the front. As I shut the door I heard a banging sound and upon inspection I found the sliding door window hanging loose at the rear. The single rear fixing had come undone and the pressure of shutting the door had popped the glass loose. Luckily the outer fixing had rolled under the van and I was able to find it ( the inner one was of course in the van ). However if the bolt had fallen out whilst in motion then I would never have found it, and I have a feeling Toyota uk won't have any in stock. When I checked the other fittings, I found 3 that were loose enough to move with my fingers. I now make it part of my weekly check to see they are all tight. Sorry If I have gone on a bit, but I wouldn't want you to loose a window.

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Re: A warning about windows

Postby amermanz » 19 Dec 2008, 21:37

thanks will check mine

Blue Meanie
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Re: A warning about windows

Postby Blue Meanie » 31 Dec 2008, 09:28

Yep, had a couple of the window screws come loose on my van too! Thankfully, I got a bit of warning when they started rattling so I just nipped them up and checked all the others at the same time.

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Re: A warning about windows

Postby stix » 04 Mar 2009, 00:15

just found i have lost one from o/s window

better get on to toyota

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Re: A warning about windows

Postby paulNZ » 21 Dec 2009, 09:02

I lost one on my last South Island trip. The Toyota people in Motueka didn't have one in stock, but managed to find a standard nut or bolt or something that fit (at no charge - great service) and held the window on fine (a lot of gravel roads in that part of the country). Once back in Auckland my local Toyota dealer got one in on same day service and I think it was about $NZ15, so not too bad. Worth checking the tightness every so often though.
Paul (Auckland, NZ)

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Re: A warning about windows

Postby JimHatton » 21 Jun 2010, 14:23

Unfortunately I read this post about 2 hours too late. I lost one of the side door window fasteners. Fortunately, the inside parts landed on the step and I found them before they got lost. The outer parts are somewhere on the M8. My local Toyota dealer was very helpful and supplied a replacement nut and washers for about £8.50. It was supplied in a couple of days and easilly fitted. Now I've checked all the other fasteners and hoping this won't happen again.


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Re: A warning about windows

Postby MrDillon » 22 Jun 2010, 21:52

I too found a loose one - fortunately in good time. I do check visually quite frequently, so this had happened quite suddenly.

I put a drop of lock'n'seal on the thread so that should stop it working loose again, and I'll probably give the others similar treatment when I have time

Definitely worth keeping an eye on these - thanks for the shout


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Re: A warning about windows

Postby CliveD » 24 Jul 2010, 17:43

I had a similar thing when I got my Granvia - also the side door window (maybe it's a weaker window with the use it gets on the door). I lost the outside fitting on the hinge stud, but Toyota UK got one on order and posted it to me. Not expensive either. They had the Granvia spares on microfiche, I was impressed - esp as it was nearly five years ago. Hasn't happened since, good to check them!


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Re: A warning about windows

Postby psNZ42 » 30 Aug 2010, 02:58

Hi Paul,

I've lost a couple of original nut-, bolt-and-bolt washer combinations from my side windows (and hence are currently held with unattractive ordinary nuts and bolts), but my local Toyota dealer (Albany, Auckland) quoted me NZ$ 50 for each one. Could you tell me where in Auckland you got them for around NZ$ 15?

Also, do you know if it's possible to get a service manual for the 3-litre turbo diesel engine? I can't find any for the Granvia, but am hoping that the Hilux, Prado or Hiace engines might be the same.

Many thanks,

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Re: A warning about windows

Postby CliveD » 02 Mar 2011, 10:52

Definitely worth a check! I lost the bolt once (the stud stayed in place, but the window rattled which alerted me), it was not long after I got the car, and they have full microfiche slides for the car. Toyota ordered the parts for me. I think it cost about £3 plus 50p post to save me going back to collect it. Took a few days - I was impressed! Never had a problem since, I checked them all. Had the car five and half years now. Never misses a beat, if it did 30mpg it would be perfect, but I make bio diesel which helps.
Cheers, Clive

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