fuse for clock

Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
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fuse for clock

Postby tommy114 » 03 Aug 2010, 03:44

hi can any one help me with were the fuse is for the clock,ciggie lighter and power mirrors thanks

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Re: fuse for clock

Postby Richard » 03 Aug 2010, 08:17

On my '95 2wd Granvia, the "Engine Bay Fusebox A" has a 30A fuse in position 4 which controls the interior lights and the 'Accessories' circuits.

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Re: fuse for clock

Postby cosmicma » 03 Aug 2010, 12:50

fuse locations

Image Image

looks like it's fuse 25

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Re: fuse for clock

Postby Alfthesparky » 01 Jan 2018, 23:15

I can't see those photos.. I have 6 granvia all kch16 (work vans) and all diesel 3.0 4wd including one cut in half and the rear end used as a trailer (search user alfthesparky on YouTube to see the front half driving around).. the one I just bought has electric close/open sliding door that is totally non responsive and also has the final electric clamp device but it too is non responsive. I have tested every side of every fuse I can find and there seems to be no bad ones. The 6 pin connector on the pillar has voltage on the 3rd pin in the other vans but not this one. I found 4 fuse clusters, 2 in engine bay, 1 in right footwell, one behind speaker holes in passenger side dash. What am I overlooking? A fuse layout would be super handy.

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Re: fuse for clock

Postby Staceh » 25 Apr 2018, 20:10

Did you ever find one alf, I'm in a similar bind, no power to heater controls, or clock
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