Insurance challenge

Questions about insurance, paper work, how to import and that type of thing
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Insurance challenge

Postby PUSHKIN » 03 Nov 2017, 01:57

Bought our camper a few weeks ago, started trying round for insurance and many “normal” companies simply don’t do grey import campers, so then tried more specialist type people but they wanted pictures of inside and outside etc but I explained we hadn’t actually purchased it yet so only had advert photos (they weren’t happy about this) then they wanted price of original vehicle, price of conversion etc so I tried to explain I was buying off a business who were unlikely to tell me how much they’d paid for the vehicle or indeed how much the conversion had cost when they were trying to sell something for a profit !?!? (another stumbling block) the other problem would have been if I’d done it myself as a “self build” a lot of companies wouldn’t entertain me at all , thankfully the company supplying our camper had business cards of suggested insurers and the first of those we tried were happy to insure us, knew what a Granvia was, were efficient and within budget, happy days :-)
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Re: Insurance challenge

Postby Himedic » 03 Nov 2017, 10:06

Just got a Granvia 3.4 Himedic ambulance. Had problems with many initially but Adrian Flux got us insurance without any fuss. Will be registered as a campervan next year so will be easier.

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Re: Insurance challenge

Postby Robst » 24 Jan 2018, 15:41

I had a similar experience with insurance. The people I bought my 'converted' Granvia from supplied a 3 day insurance, so I could get it home,
but when I contacted the insurer ( Caravan Club) the first question was, who converted it? I chased down the previous owner, he didn't know,
but looking at it carefully, there was no way it was a professional installation. Cutting a long story short, I had quite a few refusals as the
'conversion' was an unknown. I was delighted to hear from the Adrian Flux chap I spoke to, that they aren't bothered about the 'who converted it'.
The only query was, did the rear bench seat/ bed have a set of seatbelts, i.e. 2 seater or 4. That is why I'm insured with Adrian Flux!

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