Euro breakdown cover for over 15 year old

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Euro breakdown cover for over 15 year old

Postby brydon » 05 Oct 2012, 20:34

Just to get the ball rolling on this one...
Every year for the last five years I have taken our Granvia to the Alps in for a ski trip. It has been faultless on these trips (except the first time when the cigarette lighter socket gave up when my wife tried to boil a cup of water using a really nasty cup heater which plugged in there).
On each trip I got breakdown cover through Euro breakdown direct whict was less than £25. Very reasonable.

Now the Granvia has just turned 15 it seems nigh on impossible to get breakdown cover from any UK insurer or organsation at under £100, if at all.
After a great deal of googling and looking at some usefull motor home users blog sites I have started the process of joining ADAC - the German AA equivalent. Their Partner Plus scheme is annual breakdown and recovery cover for main driver and partner for any vehicle anywhere in continental Europe, the UK and the african states bordering the mediteranean. Cost is about 95 Euros. If you breakdown in the UK it is the AA that deals with it but joining ADAC gives you AA cover at less than AA price. ADAC also includes transport in medical emergencies etc. etc. Check out their site. Google translate helps. I sent them an e-mail in English, they replied in German. I copied the text into Google translate, drafted my reply in English then ran that through Google translate. Joining from the UK is possible (one good outcome of European competition laws I imagine) but as the ADAD website does not handle UK addresses it is not possible to join up via the website and things have to be done a bit more long hand.

Tha ADAC advantage if you have an older car is that the cover is of the driver not the vehicle. I found some feedback on a classic car website where UK ADAC members have found the service from ADAC superb when they have needed it either in the UK or Europe.

If enough people wise up to this further example of 'rip off britain' then maybe we might get somewhere with other forms of insurance.

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Re: Euro breakdown cover for over 15 year old

Postby freedomk » 13 Oct 2013, 12:05

Great idea and one I will be investigating now that my Granvia is getting on in years. As a professional translator, can I just warn against the use of Google Translate or other online translation tools when dealing with financial matters? I've been asked to pick up the pieces on quite a few occasions when online translation tools have not quite got the hang of what the writer had meant to say!

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