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import to France

Postby Roland » 17 Apr 2014, 13:36

Hi everyone,
I own a 1997 Granvia and want to register it in France.
My V5C misses information like "type aproval nr (K)" and others
I'm looking for any kind of official document that has technical information about the vehicle such as CO2 emissions, max. torque, max. output. etc.
If anyone has these documents or knows where to get them... I'd be very obliged.
Best regards,

Mike in France
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Re: import to France

Postby Mike in France » 17 Apr 2014, 19:10

I have a 1995 Granvia and live most of the time in France and I have re-registered two cars in France (a Volvo and a Citroen) but my Granvia is still UK registered (at my UK home) and makes the trip back to the UK for its annual MoT test and I have insurance provided by a specialist broker to provide me with full cover while in Europe.

If the vehicle you wish to register in France has been Type Approved for sale in the Europe and you obtain a Certificate of Conformity from the French importer then the process is straight forward. However the Granvia was never "Type Approved" for sale in Europe and therefore a Certificate of Conformity cannot be issued and therefore you will need to have your Granvia subjected to the individual vehicle approval process, which is expensive (I have been quoted 2-3000 Euros and the inspection can only take place at a single location on the outskirts of Paris. From enquiries I have made it appears that you would need to change all the lights, the glass in the side windows (the front screen appears to be "E" marked and therefore acceptable to the French authorities), the rear screen, all the rear lights, the seat belts and the two glass sunroofs. All the items that need to be change would have to be changed to items carrying the relevant "E" markings. So the prospect of re-registering your Granvia in France will appear to be somewhat limited.

Cars such as the Toyota Hi-Lux Surf can be re-registered after battling the French bureaucracy as their close cousin the 4-Runner was Type Approved for sale in Europe.

If you want any more information send me a private message

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