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insurance what a pain

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 18:41
by andygodwin
hi all

have a look at this, why is it the no-one has heard of a 3.4 granvia or grand hiace??

loot at this page of insurance specialists

i've tried most of these, even adrian flux is quoting >1000,, (i've full NCD, no convictions no points.. clean )

any ideas ??A

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 20:30
by josh2109
Could be your post code, or profession? There's quite a few things that can impact it.

I'm surprised by the price still though. My Isuzu Bighorn import was only £350 last time I insured it with Admiral (about 2 years ago) and I had less no claims than you, and I had a quote not long ago from Adrian Flux on a Subaru Legacy GT-B (an imported twin turbo 280hp monster of an estate) which came in at £650 or thereabouts fully comp.

I have trade insurance now so I might be a bit out of touch with current private insurance prices to be fair - I know insurance tax has gone up 3% in the government budget though, as I just renewed yesterday and got hit by the increase!

Have you tried any of the 'high street' insurers? I've always found Admiral and Direct Line to be well priced on imports (I've had a solid string of them for a fair few years now!), I can't comment on their service should you need it though as I've never crashed, touch wood!

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 07 Jan 2016, 15:19
by V6vanman
My 3.4 V6 camper conversion cost £240. with safeguard (Broker) and insured with Allianz.

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 15 Jan 2016, 15:12
by andygodwin
thanks,, yes i'm thinking of doing a basic conversion myself, just to satisfy the reclassification with dvla.

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 07 Feb 2016, 15:22
by granviadad
I have comp insurance with Lifesure Group 01480 402460 who specialise in campers/caravans etc. My 1998 LPG 2.7 petrol Granvia converted commercially to campervan cost me £230, they seem easy to contact and efficient. Have no claim with them so can't say how good they are ! Hope I never have to find out !! :D

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 11 Feb 2016, 00:46
by grahamcay
Arranged my Granvia insurance through the Caravan Club with no problem

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 19:44
by MrDillon
I have a 96 3.0D 8 seater and pay around £200 fully comp (full NCD, based in Suffolk, £250 XS) with Chaucer Direct. Easy to contact (they are in Whitstable) premium stays competitive year on year (unlike some others who start low to lure you in and then hike it up on renewal)

Free euro cover up to 90 days - can't find fault so far.

Re: insurance what a pain

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 19:26
by nephro
Just insured my 98 Granvia 3.4 auto 6 seater with wheelchair hoist with Direct Line ( The Red Telephone ).for £316.Churchill quoted me for follow up insurance £550,so a saving of £234 just by trying a few different companies.