8 seater converted for motocross

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8 seater converted for motocross

Postby rowly » 01 Jun 2012, 00:24

Im from the UK but have been living in New Zealand for the last 2 yrs where grannys are very popular...

So I bought an mx bike and with Toyota being the car of choice here, parts and mechanics readily available, the granvia looked like the perfect mx van to convert.

Problem is they only come in 7 or 8 seaters I believe so to get an mx bike in modifications had to be made, but was easily done.

I removed the rear bench of 3 and single swivel seat and did some simple modifications to the double seat in the back. The double seat can now rotate anti-clockwise so you can sit facing the sliding door, backward and forward and be pushed right up hard against the driver’s seat so a double air mattress can fit behind it. I removed redundant rails and re-floored the van with carpeted 20mm ply and 10mm polystyrene to absorb and vibration and build the floor up to the trim as the old floor was 30mm thick.

Also note the method I have for fastening the bike in. I thought it up in bed one night, tried it the next morning on a trailer and its awesome, so simple and quick :D saves you having untidy straps everywhere and the bike is solid, no movement at all and doesn’t pull down on the suspension half as much as straps :D :D :D
This will work just as well for track bikes and iv even picked up the missus broken down scooter a couple of times.

So as you can see I now have a 3.0TD granvia that will legally seat 4 people, carry a full size mx bike and if need be you can sleep in the back. (rear double seat can aslo face forward with bike in, not shown in pix)
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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby gravious » 01 Jun 2012, 21:53

nice work
I also ditched the single second row seat and made the rear bench removable
how did you modify the 2nd row seat to park in that position?

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby stuk101 » 02 Jun 2012, 11:12

How did you mod the seat to rotate clockwise?

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby rowly » 02 Jun 2012, 22:55

Hi, im only on my tab typing this so my reply wont be two in depth and probably full of spelling mistakes... :roll:

Basically unbolt the seat from the sliders and remove both back rest and seat cusions so your down to the bare frame.

I cant remember the exact method but you will see the rotating mechanism is round with about 8 bolts around its circumferance. You need to fully disassemble this (it gets greasy). Once all the bolts are out tho be carefull not to pull it apart too quick, either mark which holes lined up or remember as you need to lift the top ring off, rotate it 180degrees and put back down to line up with the opposite hole then re-assemble...

Thats the basic concept, like i say i cant remember exactly but it becomes pretty self explanitory as you get into it.

Once it is done there is 2 slight issues tho..

There isnt actually a position for it to 'click' into at 90 degrees, you will havto fabricate this and weld it to the ring, just replicate what you see at the other 2 positions (really simple although i havnt done it, when its in that position it can still swivel a bit but doesnt bother me, if i had a welder i would do it). :shock:

Also, when you go to rotate it to face either back for forward the back corners of the seat plastic will rub on the side of the interior trim, not a whole lot but in the long term after a couple hundred turns or so you will have a rub mark on the inside wall of the van down low.

These 2 issues are worth it to be able to have the seat this way i reckon.

Cheap easy job

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby daveveal » 03 Jun 2012, 11:20

Lovely neat job! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it.

Was your Grannie a 7 or 8 seater? You mention a double seat and a single swivel.

When the seat is across the width of the van, is it anchored at both ends, or is it restrained by the locked swivel mechanism?

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby rowly » 04 Jun 2012, 00:20

It was an 8 seater, bench of 3 at the very back, swivel bench of 2 and single swivel in the middle and 2 front seats.

yeah the bench of 2 in the middle was already a swivel seat and when locked in across ways its just locked in by a mechanism on the swivel rings underneath, not either end of the seat.

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby fleagal » 11 Oct 2012, 03:14

Hi - Terry here. I've used a Granvia for bikes since around 2006. I took all the seats out, attached the swivel base [which from memory was on a large seat] to the base of the single seat which now sits on the mount behind the driver's seat [a 2 minute job to unbolt if I want to fit more than one bike in there.] Fits 3 trials or 2 MX bikes. Ply over the carpet on the floor. Another real cool feature: I took off all the passenger grab thingees that attach to the cieling and used a penny-washer to attach a loop of old tie-down fabric. I anchor the bikes upwards/across to several of them ......works a treat. Awesome machine for travelling a distance. Speeding is the only problem!!

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Re: 8 seater converted for motocross

Postby Drago » 08 Aug 2013, 05:04

Very cool idea:)

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