NZ Camper conversion

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Re: NZ Camper conversion

Postby Thenortherner » 08 Jun 2015, 07:21

shiney wrote:Really helpful info, thanks.

15"x7" - never considered that.

I'm looking around as well and can't find any 17" that work from a cost/looks point of view here in the UK. There are some 16" on eBay, but they are from 4x4s so the offset will be wrong and I don't want to take a chance and find they don't fit. Now I've seen what can be achieved with a decent set of 15" (if you get the correct ones) then I might take another look.

Thanks again for the post.

Yeah, offset is a bit tricky..... There is a guy on here that has 16inch Hilux rims in the UK and they sit real wide but they are legal, just like the mitsi ones I have. I went to the scrap yard and trial fitted some, maybe if you have a local Japanese scrappers or a 4x4/commercial scrappers they will have a selection and let you trial fit some, obviously if you use 4x4 rims you would need some with no tyres on them though....

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