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Mechanical questions about the Toyota Granvia
uncle bacon
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Parts Lists

Postby uncle bacon » 09 Nov 2010, 13:07

Hi people just a quick note to say I've found some diagram info on our beloved Granvia.
This has really helped me locate and sort parts hope it helps.. good luck.

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Re: Part Diagrams

Postby woodist » 09 Nov 2010, 15:16

Superb, thanks for taking the time to post the link. Although all is well at the moment I have no doubt the diagrams will be very helpful , Cheers.l

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Re: Part Diagrams

Postby daveveal » 09 Nov 2010, 15:47

Great find! Thanks.

Use to find your model and year.

Update 2014: The site's structure has changed, use this page to select your model:
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Re: Part Diagrams

Postby David » 10 Nov 2010, 00:05

What a great find, won't even ask how you stumbled upon this, but I am sure it will prove invaluable.

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Re: Part Diagrams

Postby toyogran » 10 Nov 2010, 19:55

These are the diagrams that used to be on the '' site before Toyota removed them for some reason. You can still cross reference all the part numbers on the drawings on the Russian site with the descriptions on the site. Really useful when trying to track down a part number. You can enter your VIN number into the site and type in a part number to find out what it is on the granvia.

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Re: Part Diagrams - In English

Postby Richard » 22 Oct 2012, 09:05

The problem with the site is that most of the text is in Russian!

Thanks to user "Navig8" on our sister Regius website, we've found this site with the text in English:
[With the web-site server also being located in Russia, maybe Toyota won't be able to force the removal of the data as they are alleged to have done with the ToyoDIY site.]

Update 2014: this site is no longer available

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Re: Parts Lists

Postby Richard » 21 Apr 2014, 12:19

And thanks to Jarmmo, here's another, this time based in Panama:

What I like about this site is that by clicking on the code number for a part, the system shows all the other Toyota vehicles which also use that part.

Update Jan2015: The parts lists for Toyota vehicles have gone from this site too!

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Re: Parts Lists

Postby Richard » 27 Apr 2015, 12:04

Here's another parts-list web-site:

It has the text in English and will also display for any part-number which other Toyota vehicles use the same part.

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Re: Parts Lists

Postby jarmmo » 19 May 2017, 09:11

Hi all
Try this one, not just for Toyota but I find it very good.


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