Registration status: ENABLED New user registrations re-enabled!

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Registration status: ENABLED New user registrations re-enabled!

Postby Richard » 16 Nov 2012, 18:54

Apologies to anyone trying to become a new user on the Granvia forum. All new registrations have been temporarily suspended - the forum is being targetted by the creation of many spurious new users posting spam. When we've worked out how to stop the intrusion, new registrations will be re-enabled.

Update: User registration has been re-enabled. The Captcha system is being used to block automated registration - we'll see how successful it is in preventing spam messages.

Update 2: No, that doesn't work - spurious user registrations started again within minutes! User registration suspended again.

Update 3: With a new test question ("how many doors does a '95 Granvia have?"), the registration process has been re-enabled. There's been no sign of any automated registration for three days. (The answer is buried in the slightly modified description of the forum.)

Update 4: 22-Nov-2013 Forum under attack again - all user registrations made on 21st & 22nd November have been deleted (hundreds of them!). New registrations will be re-enabled in a few days.

Update 27-Nov-2013: The question on user registration has been changed again and registrations were re-enabled on 26-Nov.

Update 6-Aug-2014: User registration temporarily disabled again!
Update 13-Aug-2014: User registration re-enabled again!
Update 14-Dec-2014: User registration temporarily disabled again!
Update 17-Dec-2014: User registration re-enabled again with a new test question
Update 25-Mar-2016: Registration disabled! Large number of spurious registrations. All user registrations in the last 48 hours have been deleted - apologies to anyone who is interested in the Granvia - please re-try when registration is re-enabled (a few days from now).
Update 9-Apr-2016: Registration has been re-enabled
Update 15-Apr-2016: User registration temporarily disabled again!
Update 9-May-2017: Registration has been re-enabled


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