Camper body panel insulation/electrics

Comments and questions about commercial and self-built conversions, awnings and the Granvia as a motorcaravan
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Camper body panel insulation/electrics

Postby Robst » 23 Jan 2018, 10:44

My recently acquired Granvia camper appears to be a 'self build'
I decided to pull out the horribly installed cabinets and refit them further back,as they stopped the driver's seat movement. ( long legs.)
New end and internal panels, were made up from beech faced Melamine/Chipboard laminate (Serco, sold as shelving.) Having the interior side trim panel off, I was astounded by the lack of insulation and the dribbles of internal condensation.
I was pleased to see a rubbery seam sealer around the wheel arch. ( I assume it is also along the bottom seam of the panel.)
Browsing 'Youtube' I found a video of insulating a van( Carpenters Daughter) using self adhesive neoprene foam, faced with shiny Mylar. Ordered some from Ebay ( look around as prices vary a lot) I dried out the interior ( dehumidifier) and stuck a lot of foam sheet in, jigsaw style. Then I stuffed the space with bubble wrap before fitting up a new flat 5mm ply panel which is now the back of my cabinets. I kept the speaker and ventilation cut outs. Also the cabinet front is raised 20mm off the floor to allow air circulation from the vents.
240v electrics were a Kamikaze mess of house wiring! No Earth leakage protection! I rewired in 2.5mm 3 core flex, inside corrugated plastic conduit. The new consumer unit has 3 MCB's and a 2 pole RCD. The new 'camper' 12v electrics,(also conduited) have a separate fuse panel. 12v LED self adhesive light strip, (Toolstation) is installed both sides. ( comes with clear clips/screws in the kit too.) Thinking of fitting 2 flexy stalk LED lights ( Ikea) either side of the bed. A planned job is a 'Nomex' ( Ebay) flame retardant curtain to go behind the hob.

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Re: Camper body panel insulation/electrics

Postby PUSHKIN » 24 Jan 2018, 22:38

You should have done before and after pics Robst, we always like pictures :-)
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